Hello Future Volunteers!

Follow just a few, simple steps and you will have people in your community shouting "THANK YOU" in no time. We are proud to assist you along the way (just shout! Well, email might be better :) 

Quick Start Guide to a Successful Menstrual Product Collection

  1. Gather your team! Whether it’s large or small, you’ll want to work together to make a plan, set some goals, and get the word out.

  2. Identify a local recipient organization.* The sad fact is there is great need for menstrual products in every community. We're so glad that you can partner with us, but make an impact where you are. Get started by first deciding who your collection will benefit. Reach out to a shelter, food pantry, social service organization, house of worship etc. to see if they would be interested in a donation of menstrual products. It’s crucial to ask them a few specific questions. (If this all sounds good so far, shoot us an email and we will walk you through the process.) Once you know what to ask, you'll be ready to get the party (or whatever) started.

  3. Register your GHGPPeriodProject. Please register here, with some notes about who you are, and what you plan to do. We will answer any questions, help identify recipients, share graphics, show you how to report your results... and then brag about how awesome you are. 

  4. Get to work! Will you collect products at local businesses? Create an online wish list? Have friends over for a “pad party?” Or host an event with a donation as admission? Get creative! And if you need some inspo, click here.

  5. Give a SHOUT! Let your community, friends, family and co-workers know what you are up to. Collecting products to donate is great, but you will surely educate many people who (sigh) don't even realize that #periodpoverty is a thing. Posters, emails, social posts, phone calls, carrier pigeon... no matter how you get the message out, these stats and stuff will help convey the importance of your work.

  6. Make your donation! Arrange for drop-off of the products you collect, packaged however the client would prefer.

  7. Share your work! Take photos along the way: volunteers doing work, events, whatever. Please make sure you have permission of the people you photograph.​​​​  

    • Use: @girlshelpinggirlsperiod, #GHGPPeriodProject (If your project is for Women's History Month add #WHM2022. If you post on International Women's Day, add #BreakTheBias, #IWD2022)

  8. Report your results! Reach out to us to find out how to report the results of your project and share some photos. We’re excited to highlight your work for all of our supporters!

*While we absolutely support students and their families, we generally discourage donations of products directly to schools. We believe providing menstrual products, in school bathrooms, is part of a school's obligation to meet the basic needs of students, and if we continue to donate, they will not be encouraged to budget for products like they budget for toilet paper. We are thrilled to partner with you on a project to make systemic change in your community, and if you'd like support in reaching out to administrators, school boards and legislators, to encourage them to meet students's basic needs... reach out! (We work diligently to support students by partnering with local organizations, school counselors, teachers etc. to get products to them for their use at home.)





We're always happy to help. Send an email with details of what you're hoping to do, and we'll be happy to discuss!