This problem needs recognition from anyone. It’s not just about girls helping girls, it’s everyone helping each other.

-Quinn Joy, Girls Helping Girls. Period. Co-Founder


Emma Joy, co-founder of GHGP at Cult Health to review their logo design


After doing some work to help a local food pantry in 2015, we learned that some of the most critical needs in our community, and in so many across the nation, are menstrual health products. The need is especially great because tampons and pads are not covered by food stamp programs. What really shocked us is that women and girls miss work and school because they don't have the supplies they need. Communities of color are disproportionately affected. And we wanted to help.

"Girls Helping Girls. Period." was supposed to be a fun name for a party we hosted to collect products as a one-time deal.  But the response was CRAZY! Our first efforts brought in 50,000 items that we turned into one-year packages for almost 200 families. They were so grateful and we had so much fun, that we just kept at it. And we've never looked back.

We still offer a year's supply of menstrual products to some clients, while most get just what they need, with a promise that we'll keep making donations as long as our supporters allow. And the need is endless.


→By mid 2020, we had donated more than ONE MILLION MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS.


There are so many ways you can help... If you'd like to learn how to make a difference in your community, CLICK HERE. If you'd prefer to get right down to business, CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Thank you.


Girls Helping Girls. Period. is a volunteer effort started by two New Jersey sisters, and their mom.  Emma and Quinn and their family have always been active in volunteer work. GHGP started as a limited campaign of the girls' first volunteer group, Small Acts.

When the girls were just 13 and 17, Girls Helping Girls. Period. took on a life of its own-- they asked guests at a neighborhood party to bring a box of pads or tampons as a "gift" they would donate. Not only did their friends bring donations, but word spread, an article was written and within a few weeks the family's house was filled with boxes!


The "girls" of Girls Helping Girls. Period. work now as vice presidents of the organization that their mom, Elise, runs as executive director. Emma is an environmental science student at American University, and Quinn is headed to the University of Delaware to study in a health-related field. They continue to teach workshops, give talks, work on social media campaigns, communicate with donors and pack products. And you can email them directly here.

Co-founders of Girls Helping Girls. Period. a non-profit assisting those in need with free menstrual products
Quinn Joy, Co-Founder of Girls Helping Girls. Period.


In the US, period products can cost more than $75/person annually, an amount that can easily overwhelm a struggling person or family. GHGP distributes pads, tampons, liners, menstrual cups and reusable products to those in need through a network of partner food pantries, schools, social services agencies and outreach programs.


Donations to us come in many forms, from products collected in local drives, one-time/monthly donations from donors across the US, and our corporate partners, without whom we would still be working out of our living room, rather than a warehouse!

We have local volunteers, and we love to partner with people all over the country who run drives and fundraisers and events to benefit their own communities. We have a network of GHGP Ambassadors who help with substantial projects. 

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit our mission is to supply those in need with the products that can help them lead productive, healthy lives, while educating about period poverty and advocating for equity.

At the heart of Girls Helping Girls. Period. is a family. We are grateful for every single dollar we receive in donations and simply could not do this work without your support.

(Btw, each donor gets a personal thank you note... we really are just regular, grateful people on the other end of this whole thing!)