Meet Gina.  (That's what we call the girl in our logo!) Gina is here to help all of our GHGP Ambassadors. Read on!


Are you an individual looking to make a difference? A school club wanting to make an impact in your community? A business that wants to provide meaningful community service opportunities for your workforce? If you love having fun and volunteering, we'd love to chat. Our GHGP Ambassadors represent our organization all over the country, supplying those in need with menstrual hygiene products and education.


To get started, first tell us a bit about yourself, your organization and tell us what your plan is for fulfilling our mission where you live. Click on our How You Can Help page for some ideas. Even better, come up with your own! We love to hear how you are going to help. All you have to do is figure out how you will collect items, who will help you get it done, and where you will donate these wonderful gifts. (We will, of course, help with suggestions for all of this, if needed.)


Once we hear from you, we will review your application and be in touch if we need an Ambassador in your area! 


*If you are under 18, please have a parent/guardian register with you. (The adult should be the registrant, but please let us know the name and email of the minor if it is appropriate that we work directly with them. We are thrilled to work with middle and high school students after a parent or advisor signs off on our communication. Thanks!)





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Let us know how you are helping in your community.


You can email* a picture of your donation or event to: GirlsHelpingGirlsPeriod@gmail.com

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