Hey Girls!


Look, here's the thing. Periods are kind of a pain, we know. We're girls, just like you. But they're also a completely natural part of life, and no one's getting a pass on this one!  It's bad enough having to deal with what can be a bit embarrassing at school, at work, or a friend's house. But can you imagine if you didn't have the products you needed to take care of it? That's why we started GHGP... to help people who should not be embarrased about their bodies, or that they might need a little help.


Here are a few things that might just convince you to volunteer too!


1. When you are helping other people, suddenly no one really cares what products you're talking about. They care that you're a good citizen who is compassionate.


2. It feels AMAZING to hand a woman or a girl a bag with a year's supply of stuff! Our clients are so grateful. If you still don't like the idea of talking about girly stuff, pick any cause and get involved. You'll feel great about it, promise.


xx, Emma and Quinn

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Girls Helping Girls. Period.

PO Box 222

South Orange, NJ 07079


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