Our mission at Girls Helping Girls. Period. is to not only donate a year's supply of products to every friend we help, but to inspire others to work to help girls and women in their own communities. If you'd like to assist people in your area we suggest reaching out to any of the following who might need donations or who can direct you to the right place: women's/homeless shelters, school districts, food pantries, religious institutions, community service organizations and government offices.  


Now, what to do to collect the goods and spread the          ? Here are some ideas:


Who doesn't love a party? And we've found that one of the easiest and best ways to start helping is to host a bash! Parties are a great way to have fun and do good work.  And let's face it, when your guests are asked to bring feminine hygiene products to a soiree, they will take notice! 

  • It's as easy as inviting friends, neighbors, classmates or office colleagues to get together, asking them to each bring a box (or a bag of boxes!) of products, and then donating the goods you collect somewhere in your community.

  • At your party, why not display pretty cards with facts about the issue?

  • Come up with fun themes for parties. Click here for some party ideas and pics!

  • Are you looking for a community service idea? We love to work with scout groups, clubs and on Bat Mitzvah projects. Check this out.


Try this: start talking with friends and family about how women miss work because they don't have the feminine products they need, and how the high cost of those items forces some families to make tough choices on how to spend their limited budgets. (Click here for more facts to share.) You will see how quickly they are shocked, and want to help. If you know someone with a business who is looking to do great community service work, partnering with you on a Girls Helping Girls. Period. campaign is a terrific opportunity. If you are a business owner, or you'd like to partner with someone who is, here are some ideas:

  • A grocery store or convenience store could collect boxes of products.  How easy is it for customers to grab some while they are shopping and drop it in a box?

  • Fitness classes are generally filled with people who care about... physical fitness! See if your local gym is willing to host a special class to benefit the cause.

  • Hair and nail salons are a great place for ladies to gather and pamper themselves.  So, why not inspire them to help out a friend by dropping a box of supplies into a bin when they visit? Give your donors incentive to pick up an extra box of tampons or pads every time they shop for themselves.

If you'd like to donate to Girls Helping Girls. Period. it's super easy! And thank you! We are so deeply grateful, and so are the people we help.

  • To make a monetary donation: just click here and send the love.

  • If you have products you'd like us to distribute: If you live in the central or northern New Jersey area please reach out to us to arrange drop-off/pick-up. Our email is GirlsHelpingGirlsPeriod@gmail.com

One of the easiest things you can do is spread the word about the need for support for girls and women who struggle to pay for feminine hygiene products. When we first learned that the items are not covered by food stamps and women and girls often miss work and school beacuse they don't have what they need... we were sad. And appalled. It's a natural thing to have a period, and caring for ourselves is not a luxury. It's a basic necessity.


If you'd like to be inspired by someone who has taken our simple message and used her own voice to make an enormous difference, check out the work of Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. She's educating the world and we're proud to know her.

If you are looking to make volunteering a lifelong project…try to find something that you enjoy so not only are the people you are helping benefiting, but you can make a fun learning experience out of it. 

                                                                           -Emma Joy, GHG.P. Co-Founder