At the heart of Girls Helping Girls. Period. is a single family, the Joys, who have always believed in an obligation to help others, but with TWO IMPORTANT RULES:

1. Have fun!

2. Encourage others to do good work, too.


We hope you will find a fun, meaningful way to engage with us and get PERIOD PRODUCTS to those in need. 

If you'd like to work with us as an Ambassador, read more here.

Now, how to collect the goods and spread the     ?


Here are some ideas:


The Joy family, founders of Girls Helping Girls. Period. pose after unpacking 250K products

Emma, Elise, Quinn and Rick Joy, Girls Helping Girls. Period. Co-Founders

 Red heart cake with tampon topper to celebrate a Valentines Day fundraiser


Who doesn't love a party? We've found that one of the easiest and best ways to start helping those who struggle to afford menstrual products is to host a bash!

Parties are a great way to have fun and do good work.  

  • INVITE friends, neighbors, classmates or office colleagues to get together

  • REQUEST they each bring a box (or a bag of boxes!) of products, and then donating the goods you collect somewhere in your community.

  • DISPLAY cards with facts about the issue.

  • DESIGN a fun theme. Click here for some ideas.

  • DONATE the collected products locally. 




Online fundraisers are probably the easiest way to get the right menstrual products to the right clients. Setting up a fundraiser on our partners' platforms takes just a few minutes, and we are happy to help. 

  • Raise money online for DONATION KITS that are cost effective and organic; each one supports someone for about one menstrual cycle.

  • These drives are GREAT FOR STUDENT PROJECTS because DONORS CAN PAY ANY AMOUNT. The total will be converted into kits.

  • YOU CAN SET GOALS for dollar amount, specific date or number of products.

  • Fundraisers are EASILY SHAREABLE with a link.

  • IDENTIFY a recipient for the period products your fundraiser will support.*



  • PURCHASE PERIOD PRODUCTS in an online store created just for Girls Helping Girls. Period.

  • These drives are GREAT FOR WORKPLACES and EVENTS because donors can choose how to contribute. 

  • IDENTIFY a recipient for the period products your fundraiser will support.*

  • YOU CAN SET GOALS for dollar amount, specific date or number of products.

  • Fundraisers are EASILY SHAREABLE with a link.


*Recipients must be official 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, or groups who can prove they have a track record of working with/distributing goods to communities in need. Schools are eligible provided they can document they have students in need. Fundraising hosts must identify a partner at the recipient organization who can ensure products are properly distributed. Products may be shipped directly to Girls Helping Girls. Period. for distribution, but we will first work with you to find a local recipient.


Indiana Univ. sorority sisters show off some of the items they collected in houses on campus

Research shows that ONE IN TEN COLLEGE STUDENTS lacks access to period products. It's a staggering ONE IN FOUR for 6-12th GRADE STUDENTS.

  • Groups like sororities (and fraternities!), sports teams and clubs can COLLECT INDIVIDUAL PERIOD PRODUCTS in boxes on campus and make them available via a school food pantry, in dorms, or in classroom building bathrooms. (It's important to get approval first.)

  • Across the country there are many working hard to PUSH CAMPUSES TO MAKE PRODUCTS FREE for students. If you'd like some inspiration, check out FreeThePeriod and AuntFlow for some awesome guidance on how you can help.

  • IN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL insist that products they may keep in the nurse's office be moved to restrooms, where they are needed. 

  • WORKING WITH STUDENTS is our favorite thing. And we are dedicated to helping to end period poverty in schools. Please EMAIL us if you want to chat!



​If you talk with friends and co-workers about how people miss work and school because they can not afford the products to manage their periods... they will be shocked, and will want to help. Hosting an event to raise awareness and collect products to donate is easy, and a great way to truly make a difference. Here are some ideas:

  • ASK A BUSINESS to allow you to place a box, with some fliers, requesting patrons drop off donations. Hair salons, gyms and dry cleaners are good places for this.

  • Work with a local GROCERY STORE to collect products shoppers buy. A table outside is an easy way to get attention which will help them sell more!

  • Ask a local instructor to sponsor a FITNESS CLASS where participants "pay" with product donations. It's a great way for them to build their own clientele.

  • AT WORK, host a lunch and learn about the issues.

  • DONATE the collected products locally. 


A GHGP tradition! Pound Fitness class to support our fundraising


Girl Scouts pack period products they collected at a camping event

​Are you looking for a project that has meaning and will actually make a difference?

  • We love working with Girl Scouts and B'nai Mitzvah students who are doing just that: finding ISSUES THAT MATTER, learning more about them, and BRINGING CHANGE.

  • We have worked with hundreds of young people on similar missions and would be thrilled to talk to you about your project.

  • If you are a supervisor, chaperone, leader of young people who would like to create a project, please reach out. 

  • WE WORK WITH BOYS and people of ALL GENDERS! Educating boys on the issues surrounding menstrual equity is critical. (AND THEY WANT TO LEARN!) AND not all who menstruate are girls. Inclusion, and gender neutral terms let everyone know they are valued.

  • GIRL SCOUTS- Email us about buying GHGP PATCHES!

  • Check out our WORKSHOPS for young people. We're happy to work with you in-person or virtually.






In 2016, we found that most people (like us) were not aware of period poverty. We also found that telling people what we learned, shocked them, and made them want to help us with what was then a little project we called, "Girls Helping Girls. Period."​

These days, we are very happy to say that more people are aware, in a teeny tiny way, because of the work we are doing, alongside some AMAZING colleagues. But there is so much more work to do.

If you really want to help... EDUCATE EVERYONE, NO MATTER THEIR GENDER!  Here are some fantastic resources to get you started.

If you'd like to be inspired by someone who has taken our simple message and used her own voice to make an enormous difference, check out the work of Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. She's educating the world and we're proud to know her.


Educate, health, inspire, donate word cloud


A big donation after a family's party to help GHGP

If you'd like to DONATE DIRECTLY to Girls Helping Girls. Period., THANK YOU!

We are so deeply grateful, and so are the people we help.

  • TO MAKE A MONETARY DONATION click here. Your sustaining, monthly donations help us ensure our thousands of clients that we will continue to be there for them.

  • TO DONATE PRODUCTS: Let us know if you need help finding a local place to donate. There is need everywhere. If you'd prefer we handle the products you may arrange for shipping to us at your expense, or we can arrange an exchange if you are in central/northern NJ. Please don't hesitate to EMAIL and we will work it out!


It's often helpful to identify the recipient of your donation before you get started.


  • Some agencies have strict rules for what products they will take and in what form.

  • Some communities have strong cultural and religious norms that dictate what menstrual products they will use.

  • Collecting what will be used, and is easy to donate is helpful.

  • When in doubt, we recommend collecting pads; ultrathin super is a good size as a general rule. Smaller packages are easier to share without having to open them (which many places don't allow.)

Here are some places that are frequently in need:

  • Food pantries

  • Schools

  • Social services agencies (community groups that do outreach)

  • Shelters

  • Houses of worship

  • Community libraries and recreational facilities

      We feel strongly that is is part of the educational mission of schools to provide free menstrual products for students, in bathrooms. If a local school is not providing this support, we recommend reaching out to the school board to insist the budget be amended. We are happy to advise on this if you reach out

Packs of pads and tampons to donate