p.s. Period Stories

Share stories about periods on the blog in a section called, "ps"
p.s. is the place on the Girls Helping Girls. Period. blog to share stories

Every one of us has a story to tell. About...

🔴A first period.

🔴How our periods do not align with the gender with which we identify.

🔴That ridiculously embarrassing time...

🔴The moment we realized menstruation was a super power 💪🏼

🔴How our perspectives have changed even though we don't menstruate

We are introducing a new feature on "The Spot," our BLOG, and would love for you to share your story.

Stories might focus on a first period experience, painful periods, or even what you are thinking if you have yet to get it. Many of you will recall a funny situation. Others will want to offer a warning by providing a story of personal health. The point is to share our experiences as a way to de-stigmatize menstruation, teach, laugh and simply celebrate this amazing thing some of our bodies do.

We welcome PERIOD STORIES from anyone and everyone; we are particularly grateful for stories from those of you who don't identify as girls or women. We all have a lot to learn.

Go ahead, GET STARTED.

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