Everybody has a story. Share yours...

Ending the stigma and shame surrounding periods is one of the most important steps in making lasting change and achieving equity. The more we talk about our experience, and get comfortable talking about them, the better off we all will be.


We invite you to submit your "ps," your Period Story for feature on our blog, "The Spot." Please feel free to interpret a "period story" in your own way. Stories might focus on a first period experience, painful periods or even what you are thinking if you have yet to get it. Many of you will recall a funny or even embarrassing situation. Others will want to offer a warning by providing a story of personal health or financial hardship. We welcome, and are grateful for stories from people of all genders. Your period experience does not have to come from the act of getting a period yourself.


The point of this is to share our experiences as a way to de-stigmatize menstruation, teach, laugh and simply celebrate this amazing thing some of our bodies do.

Please note: 
*Pieces are subject to edits for clarity and for space constraints. 
**We will never, ever share your email address and collect them simply in the event we would like to clarify something or invite you to write again in the future.