Here are the people at the     of our operation

Emma Joy



Emma is a student at American University in Washington, DC where she is studying environmental science and public policy. Emma captains the AU Ultimate Frisbee team and spends every free second exploring her new home city, which she absolutely loves.

Emma is an expert in having fun. Seriously, there is no one better at making the very best of any situation, which makes her a true "joy" to be around. She loses her voice way too often because she is, without a doubt, the loud person, all the time. 

Emma is obsessed with yummy, healthy food. Please feel free to recommend great finds in the DC area!

It might surprise you to know that Emma has a photographic memory. She can recall things that happened to her when she was really little and easily memorizes lyrics and lines for shows she has performed in.

Not so fun fact about Emma: She spent a full year in a body brace when she was 15 due to scoliosis, but thanks to exercise and being very health conscious, she's in great shape today.

Quinn Joy



Quinn is a student at the University of Delaware. When she's not with her friends, Quinn is on the softball field, playing the sport she has loved since she badgered her way onto a kindergarten team when she was just in preschool.  Quinn has experimented with five different musical instruments and is accomplished in exactly zero. When we created this bio she said she wants to find a profession that combines her interests in art, architectural design, biology, photography and farming. (Now that just makes us all laugh. She seems to be headed down a pre-med path at this point.)

Quinn is a collector of everything. Her family calls her "Squirrel" because she gathers stuff like a squirrel collects acorns.

25 years from now Quinn thinks she'll live in New York and have a lot of pet bunnies.

Quinn's best quality is she can make anyone laugh. She finds humor in everything and her family never stops cracking up when she's around.

Quinn secretly wishes she could read people's minds.

*This is a really, really old picture of Q, as we call her. But we love it still.

Elise Joy



Elise is a television journalist who has produced everything from the evening news in New York for NBC to the hit series "Lockup" on MSNBC. She also produced two amazing daughters who founded Girls Helping Girls. Period., which she now oversees full-time as its Executive Director.


Elise is a lover of yummy food, a total sentimental mush who keeps more than 90K photos of friends and family on her computer, a HUGE fan of U2, her beloved Cornell hockey team, Martha's Vineyard and college softball (those ladies are badass!) She is also a lifelong smarty pants for whom there is no hope of conversion.

Elise is an expert in volunteering. In addition to her GHGP duties, she is the president of her family's synagogue board, which is also a huge responsibility. 
Shh, don't tell but Elise, in fact, does know where her husband hides the Oreos. And may have tapped into the reserve once or twice.

Elise thinks it would be awesome to sing (well) in front of a huge audience. But she will keep her musical "talents" reserved for her car, and the ear of her cockapoo, Chance, who is the Chief Canine Officer of Girls Helping Girls. Period.


Rick Joy



Rick works in the finance field where he does a lot of research and writes a lot of stuff his kids don't understand. Not surprisingly, he is the money guy for GHGP, and our biggest fan. We are so proud that he knows more than any other dad about menstrual equity and is more than happy to buy products with authority!

When Rick is not noodling with numbers, he's probably trying to get through the list of things that need fixing around the house, working in his garden or thinking of new things to cook on his prized smoker.

Rick is an expert in managing the crazy women in his life. He brings humor and calm to the chaos. In Rick's wildest dreams he is the guitarist in a heavy metal band he'd call, "Steel Wool."

Rick thinks it's a secret that he plays video games on his xBox in the middle of the night. (Umm, it's not.)

It would surprise most people to know that Rick is a total goofball at home. Of the thousands of photos Elise has taken of him, this is one of the only ones where he isn't embarrassing himself.

The original "Girls" in GHGP

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Laura Riso



Laura is the mother of four very active and athletic kids.  She spends most of her days volunteering at the schools her children attend. She may be found in the library, the cafeteria, the copy room or even in the gym organizing dance parties for the 6th graders.

In Laura's past life she was a broadcast producer for an advertising agency (a career that somehow seemed less stressful). Laura is a graduate of Seton Hall University where she majored in Broadcast Production. She is a loyal follower of Pirate basketball.

Laura is an expert in Automobile Acrobatics. She has mastered the art of car travel routes, scheduling carpools, the pack and go meals (with silverware and sauces), the quick car wardrobe changes, assisting car-time homework, car-time counsel sessions and finding important items well hidden under hand-altering narrow spaces.

Shh, don't tell but Laura sneaks away for a few hours a week and plays a mean game of tennis!


Annabelle is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies the intersection of health and society on a premed track. She is a member of Period's Youth Advisory Council, founded her local chapter of Period, Period at Moorestown, in 2018, and is an administrator of the Equality, Period NJ coalition to pass period policy legislation. She organized NJ's National Period Day Rally in Oct 2019 and has since been a panelist for the Period Action Day Youth Menstrual Equity Roundtable, moderated NOW NJ's "Free the Flow, End the Stigma" Panel, and had her video about menstrual equity featured in the UN Day of the Girl Conference 2020. 


Annabelle's creative interests range from drawing and loom knitting to flower photography and baking Asian bakery goods. (She wrote her college essays on steamed buns!) She loves animals and books and has bought way more used books than she will ever be able to read.


Fun facts about Annabelle: She can spot spelling and grammar mistakes in virtually anything she reads and is her mom's personal Grammarly assistant. Also, she is a diehard Swiftie and loves listening (and singing along) to sad music. Weirdly enough, it never actually affects her mood... or so she says. 

Jodi Katz



Jodi’s career has spanned the quickly evolving communications marketplace. She started her career agency-side at BBDO, followed by jobs with magazine publishers, digital startups and beauty brands.


Prior to launching her own creative agency, Jodi was the Creative Director of the global prestige French brand L’Occitane en Provence. She leads the holistic beauty and wellness marketing agency Base Beauty and is the host of the top rated beauty podcast Where Brains Meet Beauty.


Jodi graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania with a degree in Government in Law and lives with her family in New Jersey. Her hobbies include fitness, Rent the Runway and watching reality TV on Bravo (her current favorite show is Below Deck).

Maya Graves


Maya is a 3rd year Medical Student at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York City. She has a BS from Indiana University in Nutrition Science with a minor in Chemistry and an MS in Human Nutrition from Columbia University.

Maya serendipitously met GHGP Co-Founder Elise Joy during her junior year at Indiana University; Elise mentored Maya on how to organize, pitch and execute the task of collecting menstrual products and donating to local shelters and community centers as a project that ran across all 23 Panhellenic chapters at IU. She was GHGP's first official Ambassador.

Throughout medical school, Maya has developed a strong surgical interest. This allows her to consider quite a handful of future specialties, including but not limited to General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Obstetrics and Gynecology (yay for women’s health!)


When Maya is outside of the hospital, she enjoys cooking and baking in her miniature NYC apartment kitchen, going out to brunch and high tea with friends on the weekend, attending Barre classes and spending time with her “COVID-puppy,” T! Paint-by-number is another major hobby, and her artworks are the centerpiece of her home.

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf



Jen is a lawyer, writer, nonprofit exec and author of Periods Gone Public. By day she's a vice president at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. She has written for for all kinds of media outlets, including The New York Times, Newsweek, TIME, The Nation, Cosmo, Slate and Ms. Magazine, among others. Wonder why so many of us are talking about periods openly these days? You can thank Jen for that... she dedicates every day to advocacy and education and is changing the way the world deals with periods. Jen is also the mama to three awesome kids who are currently all over the world making her very proud.

Jen is an expert in Period Policy! After meeting the good folks at GHGP and learning about the crisis in menstrual access, Jen made a national campaign out of fighting for menstrual equity, using tools of policy, law and media. Bustle since named her one of the nation's "badass menstrual activists." Newsweek dubbed her the "architect of the U.S. policy movement to squash the tampon tax."

To stay up to date on the fight to ax the tampon tax, follow #menstrualequity or check out and

Shh, don't tell but Jen is a Broadway wannabe. She can rap the whole soundtrack of Hamilton, saw it three times (including with the POTUS) and even got herself and her daughter backstage to hang with the cast.

If Jen had a whole day to herself she would eat her way through her favorite borough of NYC (Brooklyn baby!), starting with a ramen burger at Smorgasburg and ending with a cone of "It Came From Gowanus" ice cream at Ample Hills. 

Annabelle Jin